Located in Albufeira around 1 km from the top of the famous Albufeira Strip (15 mins walk), this resort has a spa, 5 swimming pools and an onsite mini market. A free shuttle bus to Oura Beach and Albufeira's Old Town is available. All the apartments are self catering and well appointed, the resort is 3 star and is group, stag and hen friendly. There is a pool bar and restaurant onsite so if your looking to chill by the pool during the days and party hard at night this is an ideal location.

Albufeira, Algarve

Choromar Apartments

The hotel has six different types of rooms, studio (sleeps 2), stan...

Albufeira Hen Hotels & Apartments

When your trying to find the right hotel for your hen weekend in Albufeira it can be tricky you have to ask your self a lot of questiosn that are in fact, impossible to answer, if you have never stayed at the hotel before, or know someone who has. The main question is do they allow hen parties? Are there strict rules applied to groups that may put a dampener on your weekend? Is it close to the action? Will we all be staying in rooms close to each other? All of these and many other factors can be the difference between a memorable hen weekend or a forgettable one. Portugal Rocks have been bringing Hen parties to Albufeira for over 10 years, we have created a definative guide to the hotels, resorts and apartments that you should be booking in Albufeira.



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To help you with these difficult decisions we have put together the hen hotel guide to Albufeira that will allow you to amke the right choice for your accommodation. First thing to do is ask yourself and your hen group a few basic questions to get you started.

  • Realistically, how big will the hen do be?
  • What type of hen weekend are you planning?
  • Will there be any special needs for any of the group?
  • How long do you plan to stay?
  • What time of the year are you planning to come?

So to help you with these first few questions we have outlined them in greater detail so that you can get your girls together over a few bottles of wine and get a clear idea of what everyone expects from the trip.

How big will the group be?

This first question is very important as group size can greatly affect the choices you have available. Many Hen weekends start out as 25 to 30 girls but often ends up with a much more realistic number of 10 or 12. The bigger the group the less likely you are to get rooms close to each other, also more people will have to share and overall the standard of accommodation will be lower, high end 5 star resorts are not well known for allowing large groups for obvious reasons. So be realistic from the start if you are looking for a quote on a hotel start off being conservative on the numbers we can always add extra people, but trying to find accommodation even just to get a price on huge groups is very difficult.

What kind of Hen do will it be?

Believe it or not this is another huge factor as all hen weekends are different and your accommodation needs will be reflected in this. If your planning a quiet spa weekend or hen yoga retreat of you have expectant mum's in your group its unlikley you will be out raising hell every night so a high standard resort will be at the top of your list, maybe 4 or 5 star, as you will be spedning all your time there it makes sense to make it really special. At the other end of the spectrum if you hen party is going to be a wild party from start to finish, you have booked loads of activities away from the hotel and each night you will be throwing shapes in clubs till 7am all across Albufeira then your apartments dont need to be 5 star luxury, they can be more of a base and place to get some sleep around the pool during the day, this way you save money for those all important nights out.

Any special circumstances?

This one is a no-brainer, if you or anyone in your group requires wheelchair access for example we need to know this at the beginning as not all hotels have these facilities. So if any of your group need special assistance make sure its taken into consideration.

How long will you stay?

Most hen do's are around 3 to 4 days and run over weekends, its important that you make this decision at the start, once your booked and the hotel is in place adding days or even worse taking days off will cause problems and affect the price. Another example is that many hotels have a minumim stay of 3 nights, so a 2 night stay will also greatly reduce the standard and the choice of resorts that you have.

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