Beer, Medronho and Liqueurs

Have a fun ride in a Vintage VW van to visit a unique place to taste the best craft beers that are produced in the Western Algarve.  When you arrive at the fabulous place which is inspired by Algarve architecture, you will then enter their Taproom which is a tapas bar and tasting room.  Once you are inside their Taproom, you can sample 3 beers usually pilsner, amber ale and lager accompanied with tapas.  You will also visit a medronho and liqueur producer which also includes a guided visit to the distillery with an extra one hour with tasting of 3 drinks.



Albufeira Beer, Medronho and Liqueurs

To visit an artisan brewery we have 2 times available 2pm and 5pm on Monday and Friday.  Duration of the tour is around 3 hours and only groups of 6 people upwards.

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