Bike Bar Tour

Drink, Pedal, Sight see! what better way to explore, whist sightseeing with your friends!



Lisbon city centre Bike Bar Tour

Bike Bar Tours invites you to pedal, drink, and have fun while exploring the romantic streets of Lisbon’s historic quarters and its charming riverside attractions. The bike has a maximum capacity of 17 people and comes with its own driver and bartender. Portuguese tapas are also available and tour routes include Chiado, the Rua Augusta Arch, the new urban district of Parque das Nações (Park of Nations), and Belém, Lisbon’s most spectacular neighborhood... takes from 517 people . A new way to discover Lisbon, Bike Bar Tours is a funny, relaxed and ecofriendly new concept in the city. In Lisbon or any other place, with drinks included. We can do your own tour, for a group of a minimum 6 persons, the price will be on request and the drinks are always offered by our team!

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