Algarve Stag Weekends
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Sun, sea, stags & hens

Albufeira & Vilamoura

Lisbon Stag Weekends
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Cosmopolitan, trendy & cool

Lisbon, Cascais & Estoril

Porto Stag Weekends
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Wine, dine & recline!

Porto & Vila Nova de Gaia

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Stag Partys in Portugal

So your boy is getting hitched and you are involved in planning the stag do! When you are trying to pick a destination that suits your whole crew it can sometimes be difficult to please everyone, until now. Portugal offers every conceivable type of stag do destination from wild beach weekends in Albufeira, stylish marina breaks in Vilamoura, sophisticated parties in Lisbon and trendy nights in Porto, whetever you need, Portugal rocks has every stag do destination covered.


Stag DO'S

Including Albufeira, Vilamoura, Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo, Portimao and Lagos.

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We are very lucky that Portugal provides such huge range of stag do options in one country, Portugal is Britains oldest ally, our histories are entwined and the welcome you will receive in this incredible country is second to none. But before we get to involved lets speak about the destinations available.

Algarve, Albufeira and Vilamoura

The South of Portugal is called the Algarve, the main airport is Faro but more importantly, it is our party playground. The two main towns that dominate the area are Albufeira and Vilamoura, both are a hive of clubs, bars, restaurants, beaches and cafes, but offer very different experiences. Albufeira is a no holds barred town where the strip is the centre of the action, running north to south through the middle of Albufeira new town it offers hardcore partying from nine at night until seven in the morning. The road is littered with stag (and hen) groups in fancy dress and costumes, dancing, drinking and celebrating till the early hours, the clubs open at around three and go through till about seven. If you looking for crazy nightlife albufeira is the town for you. Vilamoura on the other hand still offers the party but in more luxurious surroundings, the party is wrapped around the Vilamoura Marina, a horse shoe shaped metropolis of bars and restaurants, that occupy there own themed, raised, wooded decks that reach out into the marina, with views of multi-million pound yachts and boats, it really is the payground of the rich and famous of Portugal. Although many stags visit Vilamoura the area is dominated by golf. Golfing stag holidays are becoming more and more popular especially when mixed with the usual stag activities like the Boat Parties, Strippers and Clubs, its golf by day and party by night. Both of these destinations offer various levels of accommodation from two to five star depending on your needs however you can expect to pay around twenty five percent more in Vilamoura as its a more classy location.

Lisbon, Cascais and the City Centre

Maybe your looking for something different, exotic and classy or you have chosen a stag do during the winter months (November till February), which kind of rules out the Algarve, but that doesnt mean the party stops. Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal and like any capital city it never sleeps. Trendy wine bars give way to huge waterfront clubs, a vibrant atmosphere and incredible rooftop bars with views across the entire city. Lisbon is alive with the hustle and bustle you would expect of any capital city but the vibe here is different, its laid back, old and new trams meander there way through the cobbled streets of Chiado and Barrio Alto. Lisbon LX is an eclectic mix of hippie market stalls, incredible artisan restaurants, live jazz, Brazilian and Fado is music played in the streets, the perfect meeting point for budding hipsters. Lisbon on the whole is just fantastic a mix between the new part of the city, known as Expo, close to the new Vasco de Gama bridge (the longest in Europe), with its state of the art bars and clubs, running West all the way to the old area of Belem, with Cais do Sodre in between all offering a wide range of day and nightlife, cocktails, food and markets to surf schools, escape rooms and boat trips. Its a stag destination not to be missed.

Porto, Gaia and the Douro Valley

Porto is the brand new top stag destination in Europe and its a city that many people either dont know anything about or have no idea what it can offer, but let us tell you, its the most fantastic city you will visit. Porto is actually two cities to the North its O'Porto the name that lends itself to the fortified wine of the same name that has been made in the city, by the British since the second half of the seventeenth century, 1648 to be precise. Its amixture of Red wine and Brandy and was created to keep the wine from going bad during its journey from Porto to London, (the Brits have always found ingenous ways to transport booze). Now the old port warehouses on the Southern side of the river Douro actually in the city of Vila Nova de Gaia are now open to the public and nestle amongst incredible rooftop bars and restaurants, all serving copius amounts of Port obviously. The river is the heart of the city so obviously boat trips, boat parties, fishing trips and all water related activities are available, white water rafting is a particular favorite for the adrenalin junkies amongst you. The nightlife of Porto is legendary, being a University town as well as a popular tourist destination makes the young population party hard all weekend, it has a vibrant night and strip clubs, amazing bars and the scenenery is stunning.

Travel Aware with Portugal Rocks
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Portugal Rocks want everyone to travel safely abroad, always make sure you follow the governments latest advice, for more information visit their websites for Spain or Portugal

  • Top Stag Activities

    Each stag destination has its own dedicated activities and depending on where you chose you could be on a Port wine bar crawl in Porto, taking a tour of the Benfica Stadium in Lisbon or on a golfing in Albufeira. However all our destinations have there standard stag activities,strippers, bar crawls, club entry, jeep safaris, boat parties and restaurant bookings.

  • Best Stag Bars

    The bar scene in Portugal is huge and depending on where your staying will depend on the style of bar you will find in Albufeira and Vilamoura there are party bars that open till four oclock in the morning and are more like clubs than bars with live DJ's and drink on tap, whether your in Albufeira, Vilamoura, Lisbon or Porto, some of the key places to look out for are Portugal Rocks Bar, Patcha, Mambo, Savannahs, La Bamba, Reno's, Wild N Co, Atlantic Bar, 19th Hole, Pensao Amor, Cinco Lounge, Rooftop Bar, The Gin Club

  • Popular Stag Clubs

    Although to some the club scene is important, it does well to know that almost all the bars in Portugal, expecially in Algarve) have DJ's, live entertainment, dance floors and are open till 4am, the club scene in Portugal doesnt get started until around 3-4am and runs through till 7am, this for some is perfect, but for those who started drinking at 9am while they were at the airport waiting to board their flight, 7am the next day isnt really a realistic option, however if your one of the hardcore look out for Kiss Club, Heaven, Club Vida, K Club, Ministrium, Dock Club, Music Box, Plan B, Gare Porto or Tendinha Dos Clerigos to name but a few that we work with.

  • Stag Hotels

    The list of Stag friendly hotels changes season by season, new ones come on board and older ones drop away in popularity for all kinds of reasons, we aim to place you and your team in the best, central hotels and apartments that are available, within walking distance of the bars and clubs or city centre areas. All our accommodation, unless stated otherwise, will be a self catering apartment configuration, with a kitchen, living area, bathroom and depending on size one or two bedrooms, plus a balcony of varying sizes. All resorts have a 24 hour reception, security, swimming pool (in certain areas) and some form of bar or restaurant.