<p>And so it begins!! The best bars, the best games, the best and only party bar crawl in Benalmadena and all with your best mates by your side, legendary, 4 hours of mayhem, minimum 5 bars, shots, champagne, cocktails, dancing and singing. This is not just any ordinary bar crawl, but a rite of passage for any hardcore holiday maker&hellip;</p>

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Benalmadena Bar Crawls

As the sun goes down over Benalmadena Boat Marina, up and out come the P...

<p>Right, this is the special one, and fast becoming our No1 Bestseller. In a nutshell, champagne, speed boat, 2 course meal, best restaurant and best views the coast has to offer.</p>

Benalmadena, Costa Del Sol

VIP 2 Course Meal

Ok, imagine this, your group is met personally by one of the Benalmadena...

<p>Benalmadena Rocks offers the Costa del Sols Ultimate Boat Party, the Coasts craziest and most fun filled three hours of complete and utter madness. We start our day with a pre-party in our Marina bar at 14.00hrs, with a free shot on arrival, boarding an hour later for 3 hours of fun filled cruise time, listening to the best DJ&rsquo;s the Coast has to offer. Plenty of banging tunes, plenty of booze, a busy dancefloor and the best ever memories&hellip;.</p>

Benalmadena, Costa Del Sol

Benalmadena Boat Party

Bikinis, rippling bulging torsos, bubbly, beer, wine, sun, sea, sangria...

<p>Guys, you have to eat at some point, if only to ensure you can drink more, and we offer you best that Benalmadena&rsquo;s finest restaurants have to offer.</p>

Benalmadena, Costa Del Sol

Stag Meal (2 Course)

Ok, you choose! fancy an Indian tonight, or maybe a Chinese? An Italian...

<p>Yep, Benalmadena's Best Busty Babes, we have the best girls in Albufeira and they are without any doubt, the best of the best!!</p>

Benalmadena, Costa Del Sol

Female Stripper

You know you shouldn't, you promised you wouldn't, what happens in Benal...

<p>Lights out, and they're off!!!!.Can you be the best and beat your best man?</p>

Benalmadena, Costa Del Sol

Go Kart Grand Prix

This is Grand Prix go kart racing at its finest, just arrive, drive, and...

<p>Really? You want me to put the top half of myself into an inflatable bubble suit and play a serious five a side game of football? Well, yes&hellip;AND NO!</p>

Benalmadena, Costa Del Sol

Bubble Football

Bubble football, or Battle Ball as we now call it, is like nothing else...

<p>Every Stag and Hen arriving in Benalmadena is invited to our Benalmadena Rocks Welcome Party, and guess what, nearly every Stag and Hen arriving in Benalmadena will surely be there Free selected beer, wine and sangria for the first hour. Meet our Team and meet new lifelong friends. All the usual shenanigans will lead to great photos and forever memories.</p>

Benalmadena, Costa Del Sol

Welcome Party

Here we go, here we go, here we go Dress up, listen to the latest summer...

<p>Oh my head, it really hurts! I couldn't possibly eat or drink that now, Come on, be a real man, be a real Stag, a hair of the dog and you will be fine Actually, I feel better already, in fact, I feel great! The Benalmadena Rocks all day Boozy Breakfast does exactly what it says on the tin. Jugs of ice cold beer, bacon, sausage, egg, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, tea or coffee and toast, what could be better you might ask. Yes, you've got it, a private and reserved table in the heart of the Benalmadena boat marina and Sky Sports on the telly, aaaahhhh, just what the doctor ordered before another night of mayhem and madness.</p>

Benalmadena, Costa Del Sol

Stag Breakfast

Guys, drag yourselves out of bed, it doesn’t need to be 08.00am, c...

Stag weekends, partys and do's in Benalmadena

Boys, Benal is better than Barca, Budapest, Benidorm, and even Banus. Not our words, although we echo the sentiments, but the words of Teddy F. from Wigan, a seasoned stagger who won our Review of the Year 2019. Once we collect you from the airport, you are in Benalmadena within 15 minutes, and after dropping your bags off and putting on your sliders, 10 minutes later you are sipping your first ice cold San Miguel in the Benalmadena Boat Marina, voted numerous times as one of the world’s best. This place has it all, from Superyachts, Super Strippers and Sky Sports, to All-Day Sun and the newest and best Summer Sounds around.

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Lads, picture this if you will. Your first night, you hit the port and head straight out on the best Bar Crawl the Costa Del Sol has to offer, guzzling beer, necking shots, playing sex games, singing and pole dancing your way around the loudest, trendiest and most fashionable bars in Puerto Marina with the usual 100 or so other crawlers. Right, the next morning, you all feel a little delicate, you’ve earned it, that’s ok, there is no rush, you head back down to the Port around midday and straight to your all-day Boozy Breakfast.

With the best seats in the house already reserved, you and the guys can just relax, tuck into your fry up, put on the footie build ups and drink your jugs of beer, all whilst admiring, but not drooling of course, the sexiest Bikini Babes that for some reason just keep on wandering by. Just when you think life can’t get any better, it is time to sup up, move on and meet with all the other party goers for the Benalmadena Rocks Boat Party, the only one of its kind on the Costa. A quick shot to liven you up, and you are off, ready to board the boat and ready for one of the best afternoons of your lives, hours of vodka red bulls, Cruzcampos, swimming, jet skiing, birds and some banging tunes.

Once off the boat, you are ready to party the night away, and head straight to Benalmadena’s famous and unique, 24 Hour Square. With the free passes we arrange for you in hand, you can hit every Rooftop Club, Strip Club, Nightclub and Late-Night Bar you can find, and yes, they really do open right through the night. Waking up the next afternoon, what to do, laze on the beach, hang out by the pool, go for a walk? Nah, an adrenalin rush is what you all need to get the blood flowing again, and Benalmadena Rocks gives it to you, hard and fast. This is the finale guys, the last day, and it has got to live up to the first two, and boy, does it. Meeting one of our sassy BR’s Babes in our marina bar, you will be greeted with a smile and a shot, then, you will be led to the waters edge where our Super Charged Speedboat awaits, Champagne on board, to take you and your best mates on your VIP, 20 minute high octane streak along the coast to the “ HOTTEST TICKET IN TOWN”, the newest, trendiest and most en vogue restaurant out there, where your table and meal awaits. This place is absolutely the coolest venue on the coast, is strewn over three levels and allows you to enjoy the stupendous views, sip the wine, neck the beers, appreciate the food and even have a dance. What a day, what a place, what a weekend. Benalmadena is the town that just keeps on giving, and we here at Benalmadena Rocks will be with you all the way, from first enquiry to airport drop-off, to ensure your Stag Party is ‘THE ONE’ that all the boys will remember forever.

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