24 Amazing Stag and Hen Gifts, Costumes, Jokes, Books, Games and Fancy Dress.
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Pussay Patrol T-shirt

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  • clothing (85 views)

Stag Party Socks

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  • clothing (57 views)

Hen Party Sashes

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  • costumes (55 views)

Stag Do Decorations

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  • jokes (53 views)

Stag Checklist T-Shirt

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  • clothing (52 views)

Hen Gift Photo Album

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  • gifts (50 views)

Bride to Be Bracelet

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  • gifts (49 views)

Hen party games

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  • jokes (44 views)

Bride Coffee Mug

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  • gifts (43 views)

Back to The Eighties

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  • clothing (37 views)

Stag Do Mankini

  • stag
  • costumes (35 views)

The Pimp Daddy Costume

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  • costumes (34 views)

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Portugal Rocks stags and hens not only offer the best weekends, partys and dos in Portugal and Spain but we also have a huge range of stag and hen clothing, costumes, gift ideas, fancy dress, jokes and funny presents. We have teamed up with Amazon UK to bring you the best possible prices, discounts and offers as well as the buggest range of gift ideas available in the country, all delivered directly to your home with all the peace of mind and security that Amazon has to offer.

Stag do gifts from the bride?

So your man finally plucked up the courage to pop the question, now the best man has organised the stag weekend and you want to add a little something so he doesnt forget who is really the boss of this weekend, dont worry we have you covered. One of the best ways to keep your man in check is to simply humiliate him with a ridiculous costume or ensure the boys get him blind drunk with a crazy drinking challenge game, whatever you decide to add, even if its a simple stag do gift bag with a selection of practical jokes, we have the perfect range of gifts you could wish for.

Do you give a gift at a hens party?

Well we are a stag and hen gift shop, what do you expect us to say, No? Of course you give gifts and presents to hens and stags, everyoine loves a present and lets be honest for most of us it will be a once in a lifetime experience so what better way to remember it than with a gift or present. But there are a few rules to play by, remember this is a stag or hen weekend, not a wedding! Your gift should represent the type of party you are going to as well as the person your buying for, as an example if your hen is a tee total, fitness guru and yoga enthusiast it probably would go down to well if you brought a drinking, sex position game to the party or turned up in a mankini at a 5 star resort, use your common sense and buy the right guft for the right occassion, we also cant stress enough that the gift should really be an ice breaker or something funny, remember you main present will probably be the wedding present so dont blow your whole budget on the party and then find yourself short when it comes to the wedding, we recommend you spend around 25% of your budget on the stag or hen weekend and the engagement party, the 50% on the wedding, this way your able to contribute to each party and you wont be over streching yourself.

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Planning your hen party costumes and gifts

The easiest way to plan a proper hen party and have really good, gifts, costumes and presents is to get the girls together either at someones house, the local cafe, bar or restaurant and draw up a list of locations, themes, budgets, invites and activities. If you palnning a certain theme for the party, this could be a set of costumes or fancy dress to wear each night or a list of games and challenges your going to set, its important to get them all down in a list and make sure everyone is on board with the ideas, the last thing you want is for your group to show up all wearing sexy hen soldier outfits apart from one person who didnt get the memo, remember planning is the best way for a hen party to go off without a hitch.



Including Albufeira, Vilamoura, Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo, Portimao and Lagos.

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  • Customised Clothing

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  • Serious Gifts

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  • Books

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