Stag & Hen Escape Rooms

Group holidays, weekends with friends, team trips, birthday groups, stag weekends, hen weekends, boys on tour or a girly weekend.

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Whatever you want to call them they are more popular than ever and as the organisers of these trips scratch our heads to come up with new and exciting ideas that will keep the whole posse interested we find ourselves here at the biggest craze to sweep the group holiday industry, the Escape Room! Whether you're a newcomer to the Escape Room genre or a seasoned pro, we have put together this whistle-stop blog to bring you up to speed on the latest games and rooms available across Portugal's towns and cities including Lisbon, Porto and Albufeira on the Algarve.

What is an Escape Room?

Pit your wits against a cleverly thought our murder mystery, criminal plot, ghost story or even a fantasy adventure.


14th Mar 2022