15+ Outstanding Stag & Hen Hotels

Choosing the accommodation for a stag or hen weekend can leave you with more questions than answers. Do you choose a hotel, apartment or villa? Do you pick all-inclusive, half board or self-catering? Should you stay in the centre of town near the action but at a higher cost or slightly outside and save money? Don't worry guys, we have you covered, below is a list of resorts that we use every week, they are group friendly and cater for all your needs regardless of the holiday you choose.

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Stag & Hen Accommodation

Stag, Hen and Group hotels are not as easy to pick as you think, many hotels will have limits on the number of guests in one group that can stay, you may not all be able to be on the same floor or even in the same area if the hotel is large, can they cater for the size of your group for breakfast or will you need to eat out, what are the security deposits needed for large groups, plus many other factors can affect which hotel you choose or even which hotel will let you stay.

If you don't choose your accommodation carefully making sure that the hotel management is aware you're a group and the size it will be, you could find yourself arriving and having all kinds of problems checking in

How can we find group hotels for stags and hens?

The is a very simple answer to this question, ask Portugal Rocks Stags & Hens to find it for you! We have been building stag, hen and group holidays, weekends and parties to Portugal and Spain for over 10 years and not only do we know which hotels will suit you and your team but we have exclusive deals and discounts with the resorts to make sure you get the best deal available that includes all the important things you want from a group hotel.

Stag & Hen weekends Algarve

Sun, Sea, Sand and you know the rest!

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Stag & Hen Holidays Lisbon

Stylish capital city breaks!

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Stag & Hen Parties Porto

The hidden secret destination of Portugal!

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Stag & Hen Do's Spain

You've watched it on the TV now live it for real!

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Some of the questions we can answer about your hotels?

Before you book anything we strongly recommend that you contact one of our holiday consultants so we can get a clear picture of what you're looking for accommodation wise and then tailor some options for you. All groups have different wants and needs, some are looking for luxury, some want to be close to the beach, some close to the bars and restaurants, some want total privacy, to make organising your stag, hen and group holiday simple and painless get in touch with us today.

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