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Stag Do Destinations

When you're trying to choose the best stag do destination, things can get a little tricky. You may have sunshine, beach parties, boat parties, maybe a cheeky stripper and ice cold beers on your mind, or, you might be thinking stylish European Capital city, fine dining, huge Gin and Tonics on a rooftop bar and maybe a Champions League match between two legendary giant clubs you would never get to see in the UK. One the other hand you may want a surfing holiday or stag golf weekend or to play some insane prank on your stag just for the hell of it. Well at Portugal Rocks we have it all under control, there are no better or more popular destinations than Spain and Portugal and with dedicated teams in both countries we are the perfect partner for organising your unforgettable stag weekend that will make you a legend!

So what do you need to know about a stag weekend in Spain or Portugal, lets start with the simple things that you need to consider as you start to plan your holiday with one of our dedicated stag planners and it's the first thing many people overlook, flights.

Flights & Transfers

This is where the first bit of good news starts, both Spain and Portugal are between two and three hours flight time depending on your destination and where you fly from in the UK, the other, and best, the news is flights to Portugal and Spain are cheapest available compared to any other European destination, take a look at what Jet2Ryanair and Easyjet currently have on offer. Between these 3 companies (and there are others should you choose to look), they cover every single airport in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Once you arrive we can have private airport transfers waiting for you with WiFi on board to whisk you straight to the nearest pub (sorry we mean hotel).

Hotels, villas or self-catering

Now you have organised how you're going to get there it's time to decide where you're going to stay. Whether you have chosen Porto Lisbon, Algarve or the Costa del Sol we have a full range of stag hotels, villas and apartments available that can meet all budgets. Stylish 5-star luxury right through to budget apartments where you just wanna rest your head for a few hours. All our recommended accommodation is within walking distance to the city centre, beaches, clubs and bars regardless of where you decide to spend the weekend. You can obviously choose to have a self-catering apartment, bed and breakfast, half or full board and even all-inclusive in some of our destinations. All accommodation will ask for some kind of security deposit that is returned when you check out, they differ from hotel to hotel however we will always pre-inform you of the amounts before you depart the UK.

Stag bars, cafes and restaurants

You now have the two boring parts of the stag do sorted, flights and accommodation! Now we get down to the important stuff, where you are going to drink once you get there. Now we all know that pubs and bars are way up there on the list but with literally thousands of bars to choose from in each city or town, it's important you go to the right places at the right times so you get the most from your holiday. We have the definitive list of the popular bars and clubs (they change annually) and the last thing you want to do is spend the first two days of your three day holiday trying to find the right bar for your group so make sure you check out our bars and clubs section of the destination you are visiting.

Stag friendly all the way

Now believe it or not there are some places where being ina huge stag group, drinking, shouting partying and generally being good stags isn't always welcome, but likewise being told to be quiet, calm down, stop drinking and all the other boring stuff that is sometimes aimed at stag groups who find themselves in the wrong place is equally annoying for the stags. So Portugal Rocks will always send you to stag friendly restaurants, bars, beaches, hotels and clubs. But more importantly, we are actually based here in Portugal so we can offer an unrivalled level of customer service not found with anyone else.

Why book with Portugal Rocks?

Its a question we are often asked and it's an easy one to answer, we have been creating incredible stag weekends for over 15 years, we know what you're looking for, what you're expecting and how to deliver it, but more importantly we are actually based here in Portugal so we can offer an unrivalled level of customer service not found with anyone else. We are on hand right here in the destination you have chosen to help, assist and advise on anything that may happen during your weekend.

So your boy is getting hitched and you are involved in planning the stag do! When you are trying to pick a destination that suits your whole crew it can sometimes be difficult to please everyone, until now. Portugal offers every conceivable type of stag do destination from wild beach weekends in Albufeira, stylish marina breaks in Vilamoura, sophisticated parties in Lisbon and trendy nights in Porto, whatever you need, Portugal rocks has every stag do destination covered.

We are very lucky that Portugal provides such a huge range of stag do options in one country, Portugal is Britains oldest ally, our histories are entwined and the welcome you will receive in this incredible country is second to none. But before we get too involved let's speak about the destinations available.

Algarve, Albufeira and Vilamoura

The South of Portugal is called the Algarve, the main airport is Faro but more importantly, it is our party playground. The two main towns that dominate the area are Albufeira and Vilamoura, both are a hive of clubs, bars, restaurants, beaches and cafes, but offer very different experiences. Albufeira is a no holds barred town where the strip is the centre of the action, running north to south through the middle of Albufeira new town it offers hardcore partying from nine at night until seven in the morning. The road is littered with stag (and hen) groups in fancy dress and costumes, dancing, drinking and celebrating till the early hours, the clubs open at around three and go through till about seven. If you looking for crazy nightlife Albufeira is the town for you. Vilamoura on the other hand still offers the party but in more luxurious surroundings, the party is wrapped around the Vilamoura Marina, a horseshoe-shaped metropolis of bars and restaurants, that occupy their own themed, raised, wooded decks that reach out into the marina, with views of multi-million-pound yachts and boats, it really is the playground of the rich and famous of Portugal. Although many stags visit Vilamoura the area is dominated by golf. Golfing stag holidays are becoming more and more popular especially when mixed with the usual stag activities like the Boat Parties, Strippers and Clubs, its golf by day and party by night. Both of these destinations offer various levels of accommodation from two to five star depending on your needs however you can expect to pay around twenty-five percent more in Vilamoura as it's a more classy location.

Lisbon, Cascais and the City Centre

Maybe you're looking for something different, exotic and classy or you have chosen a stag do during the winter months (November till February), which kind of rules out the Algarve, but that doesn't mean the party stops. Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal and like any capital city, it never sleeps. Trendy wine bars give way to huge waterfront clubs, a vibrant atmosphere and incredible rooftop bars with views across the entire city. Lisbon is alive with the hustle and bustle you would expect of any capital city but the vibe here is different, its laid back, old and new trams meander their way through the cobbled streets of Chiado and Barrio Alto. Lisbon LX is an eclectic mix of hippie market stalls, incredible artisan restaurants, live jazz, Brazilian and Fado is music played in the streets, the perfect meeting point for budding hipsters. Lisbon, on the whole, is just fantastic a mix between the new part of the city, known as Expo, close to the new Vasco de Gama bridge (the longest in Europe), with its state of the art bars and clubs, running West all the way to the old area of Belem, with Cais do Sodre in between all offering a wide range of day and nightlife, cocktails, food and markets to surf schools, escape rooms and boat trips. It's a stag destination not to be missed.

Porto, Gaia and the Douro Valley

Porto is the brand new top stag destination in Europe and it's a city that many people either don't know anything about or have no idea what it can offer, but let us tell you, it's the most fantastic city you will visit. Porto is actually two cities to the North its O'Porto the name that lends itself to the fortified wine of the same name that has been made in the city, by the British since the second half of the seventeenth century, 1648 to be precise. It's a mixture of Red wine and Brandy and was created to keep the wine from going bad during its journey from Porto to London, (the Brits have always found ingenious ways to transport booze). Now the old port warehouses on the Southern side of the river Douro actually in the city of Vila Nova de Gaia are now open to the public and nestle amongst incredible rooftop bars and restaurants, all serving copious amounts of Port obviously. The river is the heart of the city so obviously boat trips, boat parties, fishing trips and all water-related activities are available, white water rafting is a particular favourite for the adrenalin junkies amongst you. The nightlife of Porto is legendary, being a University town as well as a popular tourist destination makes the young population party hard all weekend, it has a vibrant night and strip clubs, amazing bars and the scenery is stunning.

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