Albufeira Nightlife

Where do you begin on a night out in Albufeira? Quite simply Albufeira is the partying capital of, not just the Algarve, but of Portugal too. Tens of thousands of stags, hens, groups, Students, golfers, families, couples, and single travellers from all over the world descend on Albufeira each season to soak up the nightlife found mainly on the strip in the new town of Albufeira. The New Town, as its often called, is made up of a few smaller areas of Albufeira, the largest being Montechoro, where the famous strip begins in the North, at the top of the hill by Erin's Isle and the Montechoro Hotel, Areias de Sao Joao which covers the middle and lower parts of the strip down to the beach at Oura and Santa Eulalia to the East of the strip.

The best things to do in Albufeira at night

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What can we expect from Albufeira's nightlife?

The different types of nightlife you can expect to find from one end of the strip to the other varies depending on what you are looking for. At the top end, life is more sedate and bars are more likely to have music playing or maybe a live band There are a scattering of restaurants serving various types of food including traditional Chicken Piri Piri as well as the usual the suspects like Chinese and Indians too. The same can be said for Santa Eulalia to the east of the strip, there are some lively bars there such as Rockline and the Hangover bar, they have Karaoke, Live Bands, and a good atmosphere for families, couples (not for Stags or Hens looking for a wild night). The real Nightlife of Albufeira starts at the traffic lights where the main road (Avenida Dos Descobrimentos. Discoveries Avenue) cuts through the strip from East to West just after the Bullring roundabout but before you reach the worms roundabout (we will explain the roundabouts later).

A guided tour of Albufeira Nightlife?

So let's assume you have chosen Albufeira because you are looking for the best nightlife that Portugal and the Algarve have to offer after all Albufeira was the number one Hen destination in 2014, so you are going to make your way from your hotel to the middle of the strip near to the traffic light crossing of the main road that we mentioned before. The Strip in case you were wondering is called Avenida Dr Francisco Sã Carneiro, which is a bit of a mouthful so it was always referred to as the strip as far back as anyone can remember.

There are three large bars that you will come across right near to the traffic lights, one of them is on the right-hand side of the strip called Ancora Bar, and one on the left formerly known as Second Bar (it has a new name but it's always referred to as Second Bar). Starting at Ancora Bar as it is more of a cocktail bar/lounge, the sort of place you would start the night, sink a few Pornstar Martinis before heading to the where the nightlife gets going further down the strip. The same can be said for Second Bar it serves cocktails and beers and also has live screens showing sports (Premier League included) and it's an ideal place to start your night. The Ancora, or Anchor Bar as it's known in English, has Live TV's for sports, Pool Tables, and games but at night the dance floor clears, and they have various acts and live entertainers on including bands, singers, cabaret acts and live DJ's depending on what day you visit. After you have loosened up and got your taste of the Albufeira nightlife you can move on down the strip and make your way to the bigger, louder, and crazier bars of the strip.

Almost all of the bars will be competing for your custom, however almost all bars off the same drinks at the same prices. All the drinks on the strip are free poured so don’t expect the same measures you will be given in the UK, a normal drink will be more like a treble or even a quadruple measure than what you are used to so be sensible or believe us you will be passed out on the floor or table somewhere before 9 pm. To make the most of Albufeira's nightlife you will need to be sensible (we know that’s not possible normally) but try and stick to beers or bottle beers for a few hours and only go onto the shorts later in the night or you will miss out on most of the action, and believe you, me, there is serious action on the strip.

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Portugal Rocks Stags & Hens

Nothing gets going till midnight!! No really

In the UK we would normally be in the pub on a Friday after work at 6 six, or maybe before, we would be well on our way by ten and probably home by midnight in a right mess. To enjoy the nightlife of Albufeira we recommend you get to your first bars around 8 pm preferably after eating a good dinner in one of the many restaurants that surround the strip or even better in the Portugal Rocks Bar. So your stomach is well lined ready for a fierce night of drinking ahead. Grab a few beers or for the ladies maybe a bottle of 2 of prosecco between you and then at around 9.30 pm make your way to the bottom part of the strip where the nightlife begins.

This area of the strip starts with the Patcha Bar, this bar is full-on with live DJ's, multiple bars to serve any drink you can think of, shots, cocktails, beers, and more, the party will normally be half inside and half outside in the street, the music loud enough to be heard well out into the road. The strip during high season (July and August) is normally closed off to traffic by the police so wandering in the road isn't an issue, but still be careful, we are not responsible for anyone running in the road and getting run over. The next bar worth a mention is more a club come bar called Garage, big dance floor, multiple bars, live DJ and again tons of drinks to tempt you, Garage can be hit and miss as its big and if they don’t get a big crowd in early it can stay quiet till midnight but then is flying till 4 am when all the bars on the strip close, more huge Bar and Clubs can be found on either side of the street including, Mambo's, Savannah's and Reno's on the left-hand side of the road and La Bamba on the right. If you have made it this far you are into club territory, even though they don't open until 3 am its worth noting, just after Reno's, is the first club called Heaven, it will have doormen, entrance fee's and all the other trappings you can expect from a club so to get in you need to be in reasonable shape at 3 am when they open or you'll find yourself going home before the night has ended. There are more bars at the end of the strip that are equally as impressive as the others and in fact, are more popular than the bars we have already mentioned, the first of which is La Bamba on the right-hand side of the road, this is a well-established bar with over 20 years of experience in entertaining the tourists of Albufeira until 4 am opposite this is a new bar called Route 66 with great food, modern design, live sports and finally for those who like live music Wild and Co at the end of the strip is another must.

Stag and Hen Nightlife

Albufeira specialises in getting people to party, loud music, crazy strong drinks, organised parties, bar crawls clubbing, boat parties and all things you are looking for in a long weekend with your Stag or Hen party in the sunshine, so let’s not waste any more time, check out some of the activities we have on offer or just drop us a line to find out more about how you can enjoy Albufeira's nightlife.