<p>When the hangover is winning, this all day Stag Do Boozy breakfast complete with a hair of the dog jug of beer, will bring you round and back on your feet for the shenanigans to start again! Albufeira nightlife can play havoc when you drag yourself out of bed in the morning, let us take care of you with a private table in the centre of Albufeira, Sky Sports News, Beer, Coffee and a full English breakfast.&nbsp;</p>

Albufeira, Algarve

Stag Breakfast

With all the latest sports news, matches and games on the wide screen TV...

<p>Top this night off with one of our sexy ladies for your stag night. Our gorgeous girls will give your stag or groom a show he will never forget. Enjoy a show either in the privacy of your own villa or apartment or join us in one of our clubs in town.</p>

Albufeira, Algarve

Female Stripper

It´s tradition, it would be rude not to!!! Come to one of our top...

<p>If your stag or hen group are looking for a new and exciting activity in Albufeira to start your weekend off, there is nothing better than a Rum workshop and master class, to loosen up before you start your night out in Albufeira,</p>

Albufeira, Algarve

Rum Workshop

The Rum workshop is perfect for both stags and hens, you start your nigh...

<p>One of our favorites by a mile, the perfect stag/hen weekender, guns, bullets and the great outdoors, then a few beers afterwards or even a BBQ at the shooting range. A morning Clay Pigeon Shoot on the Algarve is a must for any stag group (or hens).</p>

Albufeira, Algarve

Clay Pigeon Shooting

This incredible day out is a must for any stag (or hen) group visiting A...

<p>Line up against your mates on the grid for the final showdown, to answer the question we all ask ourselves, who is the fastest driver!!!!!</p>

Albufeira, Algarve

Go Kart Grand Prix

The Grand Prix of Albufeira consists of a 10 minute qualifying race at t...

Albufeira Stag Do

How to have an unforgettable stag weekend

If your looking for crazy nightlife, strippers, drinking, clubbing, oh and more drinking!! You have found the right place, we got it all.

Offering the perfect combination of endless sunshine, beautiful beaches, and unbeatable nightlife, Albufeira is stag do heaven. With countless opportunities to drink, be merry and make some hilarious memories, Albufeira has quickly become one of the most popular destinations in Europe for stag parties. Once glance at the photos of beaches covered in bikini-clad women, and you'll be sure to see why it's a massive hit with the lads.

Whether you're looking for a way to relax and unwind with your favourite mates, or you want a night that you're going to be talking about for decades, Albufeira has it all. There's pretty much a party option for every preference - whether you love fishing, or you're the kind of guy who craves a night of drinking shots.

Albufeira looks like something plucked straight out of a movie. The location itself is split into two sections: The Old Town, and the Strip. The Old Town is great for chilling out when you need a moment or two to recover after a crazy night. However, the Strip is where the real action happens. Just like many of Spain's famous resort towns, Brits will find plenty of hospitality in this seaside destination, particularly since most of the locals speak English!

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Celebrating your Albufeira Stag Do

On the Strip, you'll find everything you need within walking distance, from amazing bars to paintball fields and more. Plus, if you're heading further afield, there are plenty of car rental agencies available to choose from. Of course, if you don't know your way around and you don't want to worry about picking a designated driver, you'll have your pick of taxi drivers too!

Most of the owners of the bars and clubs on the strip are expats, which means that you'll feel right at home in your sunny destination. While the Strip is made up of mostly bars, there are also a few clubs dotted around depending on the kind of evening you're looking for.

After a day of chilling out on the beach, or surfing the waves, you're sure to want to throw yourself into the action at night, and clubs in Albufeira stay open all the way to 6 am. In other words, the party doesn't stop until you want it to.

To help you fill those hours between binging sessions, here are our top suggestions for how to celebrate your Albufeira stag!

Take the Ultimate Trip to Albufeira

If you're looking for a stag do destination that's packed full of fun, thrills and unforgettable moments, then you can't go wrong with Albufeira. As, by far the most exciting place in Portugal for those in search of sun, sea, and excitement, this location is world-renowned for its life-changing stag experiences. Not only is Albufeira brimming with things to do for almost any groom to be, but it also conveniently close to home, without being right on top of the UK's doorstep. The flight won't take you long, and you'll find that it doesn't cost much either! Once you arrive, you can enjoy the comfort of being surrounded by people who speak your language too!

What are you waiting for, book the ultimate stag do today!

  • Stag dinner 2 or 3 course

    No stag trip is complete without getting all the boys round a table, telling stories and banter over fantastic food with plenty of drinks to wash it down, at the Portugal Rocks Bar & Grill we offer exactly that. Book a table of any size we will set it up, so everyone is together serve mouthwatering food like ribs, burgers or steaks, salads and fries. Once you have lined your stomach with a great meal you are now ready for the important stuff like drinking, clubbing and getting mashed.

  • Albufeira Bar Crawl

    If its drinking, clubbing and madness your looking for then look no further than our famous Pub Crawl. Starting off at one end of the strip we take you on a drunken journey right to the other end visiting all the best bars along the way, games, shots, chugging champagne, hens and all sorts will entertain you right up till the sunrise the next day. At the end of the bar crawl you can chose to either go to one of Albufeira's nightclubs or a strip club, the choice is yours!

  • Portugal Rocks Boat Party

    This now legendary stag activity is the most sought after ticket in Albufeira, we only have 110 places so booking in advnace is essencial however once on board the DJ will start looping the tracks and you and your boys can show the hen groups your moves. The boat party includes transport to and from the marina, 2 free drinks on board the boat, shots and t-shirt giveaways, we also have the after party in Albufeira where you can get another free drink and get some all important food if you want to from opur bar & grill.

  • Go Kart Grand Prix

    Speaking of thrills and chills behind the wheel, how about a day of go-karting with your mates? Line up against the lads and challenge them to the ultimate race. The Grand Prix Go Kart in Albufeira consists of a quick qualifying race at the indoor track at the Albufeira marina; once you've found out where you belong on the grid, you can continue racing to decide once and for all who the most incredible driver is in your team. The top three will have their opportunity to climb to the top of a podium, where they'll be presented their medals as the national anthem plays.

  • Clay Pigeon Shooting

    Want to get your adrenaline pumping? Why not spend a day at the shooting range? For the perfect stag weekender, you'll get everything you need for an unforgettable time, including guns, bullets, and of course, all the Albufeira nature you can handle. This day out is a must-do for anyone looking for a sensational stag. You'll find the shooting club located in the county of Silves, in the region of Algarve, only a few minutes away from the main town. That means that you can follow your successful afternoon of shooting up with a different set of shots - or just a couple of beers if you want something a little tamer.

  • Boat Trips

    Make the most of the ultimate beach resort with a day of swimming and exploring the coast. With caves and coastline tour, you'll start off simply sailing around the coastline, where you can relax on the deck and enjoy the views of famous sights like the lady of the rock and the Alfanzina lighthouse. Eventually, you'll swap onto your very own motorboat, where you can head out and explore some of the mysterious caves dotted around Portugal coastline. The captain will get you back the Marina just in time for the sun to set, and then you can take your day to the next level with a night of drinking at the local clubs!

  • Buggy Safari

    Looking for something totally wild and action-packed? You can't go wrong with a buggy safari. An action-packed thrill ride, the Algarve Buggy Safari is one of the most popular stag do experiences out there. You'll have two and a half hours of amazing off-road action as you bounce and zip through rivers, fields, and forests. The Buggy Adventure is truly something that you and your lads will never forget, and you can even strap a camera to the buggy roll cage if you want to capture some of the lads screaming as they tackle a local mountain. You will need a full UK driving license, as the activity will take you on some public roads too.

  • Parasailing in Portugal

    Want a fantastic opportunity to rev up your adrenaline? You can soar to the next level on your stag-do behind a speedboat with parasailing. Probably the most exciting way to explore the coastline of the Algarve, parasailing is easily one of the most popular activities that Albufeira has to offer. You can also take some of the lads with you on the boat to take pictures of you in action. Alternatively, some parasailing opportunities will allow for triple rides with your friends. You'll never forget an experience like this.

  • Total Stag Golf

    The perfect stag do doesn't have to be all booze and loud music. Sometimes, all you want to do is relax with your friends for an hour or two. Fortunately, Albufeira has the perfect solution. Simply sign up for a round of golf with your friends and enjoy the chance to work on your skills in the sunshine. The local golf course has nine holes with a par of 3, which means that you'll be able to take your time and soak up the atmosphere. Additionally, the Golf Academy also offers a range of unique training programs for when you really want to enhance your game.

  • Quad bikes in the Mountains

    Take the road less travelled in a set of quads with your best friends, and discover the secrets that the Albufeira mountains have to offer. There are plenty of amazing tracks to explore, and you'll be sure to spot some incredible things on your journey, including cork trees, unforgettable views, and even some local wildlife. You'll need a full UK driving license for this event, but if you're looking for a chance to get back to nature and have some fun at the same time, then it could be the perfect day for you and your pals.

  • Flyboarding Experience

    Want your stag experience to leave everyone walking on air? Flyboarding is just one of the most recent watersports to arrive in the Algarve. This amazing ride is perfect to get you hyped up for a night in the club, or to wake you up after a long evening of drinking. As part of your flyboarding experience, you'll discover what it feels like to hover several feet above the ocean, surrounded by incredible views on all sides. You'll feel just like you're flying as you soar through the air at incredible speeds, with your friends nearby to cheer you on.

  • Paintball

    Paintballing is an absolute stag do classic. What better way to make some incredible memories with your friends than to challenge them to a war of wits and cunning. All the equipment for your paintball extravaganza will be provided for you as part of your experience so that you can get straight into the action. The paintball war will split you and your pals into two teams and set you against each other for a battle to discover who the best really is. Once you're done, you can relax and nurse your aching body on the beach with a cold bottle of beer.

  • Rocket Boat

    One of the things that makes Albufeira such a fantastic place for a stag do, is the fact that it's packed full of so many exciting experiences. For self-professed adrenaline junkies, there are few things better than the experience of being shot across the waves at break-neck speed. The Sea Rocket is a unique boat that's capable of achieving incredible speeds as if you're on your very own water-based rollercoaster. The experience only lasts around 30 minutes, but the chances are that your body couldn't take any more adrenaline if you wanted it to!

  • Watersports Experience

    Finally, if you want to fill your day full of as many water-based events as you can handle, then why not simply opt for a watersports experience? Simply board a local bat with your closest friends and try your hand at all the water sports you've always wanted to try, from parasailing to waterskiing, and wakeboarding. You'll get some training from the crew to help make sure that you don't spend all your time falling back into the water. This incredible experience also comes with the option to check out the ocean depths with some casual snorkeling too!

  • Big Game Fishing

    Speaking of getting the most out of the sea and sun, why not spend a day fishing with your pals out on the open ocean? With a full day excursion out into the high seas, you can really put your fishing skills to the test battling some of the toughest fish out there. You can catch everything from a huge swordfish to your very own shark! Even if you don't capture the hammerhead you had your eye on, you're sure to make some amazing memories sitting on a boat in the open ocean with the lads.

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