Full English breakfast hot dog challenge

Man vs Food challenge is popular in the United States and it is getting more and more food trendy in Europe too. Full english breakfast fill in a huge hot dog is one of the ultimate food in Portugal Rocks bar. After a night out in Albufeira you need to refill your energy. The full english breakfast (sausage, bacon, egg, tomato, beans, mushroom, black pudding and hash browns) in a big hot dog buns is great challenge for everyone. 

Portugal Rocks team decided to try to eat a big english breakfast hotdog in....??
Everyone was excited in the bar to see how will the challenge end. Our chef was preparing the huge hot dog for the game. Everything was ready to start when ....?? 

Are you ready for your next Man vs food challenge? When you in Albufeira next time you must visit the Portugal Rocks bar and try the challenge.

Find out more about the details in our youtube channel.


19th Dec 2018