Our Mountain Paradise

If you're a lover of great views & nature then I would love to tell you all about the one and only Monchique mountain here in Portugal. Its glorious presence can be seen from most points across the Algarve. From historic buildings to hidden gem weekly raves, Monchique, the mountain of Portugal paradise, will never disappoint if you do choose to visit.

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Let me reveal to you firstly my all-time favourite thing to do in the mountain of Monchique. The pizza party. This party is like the best-known secret when living here or visiting the Algarve. It features an off-road track to reach the spot. You then park up in the homemade car park and make your way up the little hill to enter the gates of Friday happiness heaven. 

Here you'll be greeted by some of the lovely volunteers and asked to sign up for a 15-euro membership. This gets you entry to their weekly Friday parties for the month and their Wednesday live jam sessions for musicians to go and enjoy or get involved in. 

Once inside you can find some of the coolest festival-style nature bars you've ever laid eyes on. At said bars, you can choose from a wide variety of drinks purchased with your drinks token. If you're hungry, homemade pizzas are being whipped up continuously from 6 pm. They are delicious let me tell you. 

Now it's time for you to enjoy the music. Featuring reggae, techno, house or drum and bass. There are three main stages with tapestry as the roof. The biggest one has a large screen with funky images being projected on it. There is something so freeing for the soul to see the shadows of people living their best lives dancing away on that screen. 

So if you are looking for something unique to do on your visit to Portugal, this is the event I recommend in our beautiful mountain of paradise.

By Sally Lou Whitworth

24th Feb 2022