The Top Ten Things To Do In Lisbon

Ok, let's start with where Lisbon is. It's on the one and only beautiful west coast of Portugal, in between the Sintra national park and Setubal. I want you to picture a small, cute but sexy, cobbled street city surrounded by water & filled with the busy day-to-nightlife balance that anyone looking for a good time can enjoy! Basically... the New York of Portugal.

For a full list of whats available in Lisbon check out our Lisbon Nightlife page.

Now let me introduce to you The Top Ten Things To Do In Lisbon below...

1. If you're a coffee lover...

get your bad self down to the waterfront for a coffee at the cafe with the giant deck chairs. Coffee with a view & the sound of the waves hitting the rocks, hits the soul in ways you can't even imagine.

2. If you're looking for a juicy lunch & even juicier dessert...

I'd recommend the Time Out Market. When I say they have something for everyone, and I mean everyone, they really do. I tried the vegan burger from one of the many restaurant-style stalls & my god it was DE LI CIOUS. Unfortunately I was beyond stuffed so couldn't even think about taking another bite... but next time, i'll be saving enough room to enjoy one of the mouth-watering GINORMOUS doughnuts that're on show and screaming your name.

3. Get your most comfortable shoes on & EXPLORE

There is a little surprise around every corner of this unique city. From the hand-painted tiles on the portuguese homes to the incredibly quirky shops found down the side streets unreachable by car.

4. To Get Around...

I'd highly recommend downloading the Uber and Bolt apps. These save the time of having to get cash out to pay (each ride is automatically paid from your bank account) and you can follow the car's journey on the palm of your hand... not to mention the safety features!

5. Cocktail Lovers...

Get your booty to a roof top bar !! There are LOADS to choose from. Enjoying the city's views in the day light is one thing but seeing it lit up by night is another. It's stunning and makes a great instagrammable backdrop

6. Don't trust your maps, lol

I learnt this the hard way. I was on a mission to find a Primark to get some tights for the night's bar crawl. My maps took me on a 40-minute walk around landing at one of Lisbon's finest roundabouts and McDonalds... no primark. I'll say no more on this matter.

7. The Nightlife a.k.a Party Time...

Ok now THIS is where Lisbon de-liv-ers on a whole new scale of FUN. If you want to experience the wild side, get your bad self booked on a bar crawl. We can help with the arrangements no problemo :)  If you want the lively club/bar style experience... just wiggle on down to Pink Street. The bar crawls end here anyway but include a fun-filled few hours of games and bar hopping beforehand. 


Yes you read that right. It's the funkiest shop I've ever had the honour of stepping foot in. It has rows and rows of tinned sardines printed with the years on, containing fun facts from that year in history. It's decor is fun, bright and circus-like. If you're wanting a souvenir or gift for that special someone... THIS is your spot.

9. Rent an electric scooter...

If you're feeling brave and fancy a scoot scoot, you'll find plenty scooters dotted around the city ready to be rented and ridden all day long. This makes a cheap, easy & exciting thrill but I must please ask you to BE CAREFUL 

10. Learn a bit of portuguese... I'll teach you, hehe

Ola = Hello    Obrigada = Thankyou (as a woman)    Obrigado = Thankyou (as a man)   Bom Dia = Good Morning    Boa Tarde = Good Afternoon   Galao = Latte    Batatas Fritas = Chips 

Let this be your invitation to discover a new city in Portugal. I invite you to let us plan for you a fun-filled holiday tailored to your celebratory needs and desires. Let Lisbon be added to your bucket list of places to go! and please don't forget to tag us in your photo's when you do.

By Sally Lou Whitworth

16th Dec 2022