Oura Beach

Praia da Oura

Oura Beach is the main beach in the centre of Albufeira New town and serves the area closest to the strip in Areias do Sao Joao. If you're on a stag, hen or group weekend it is likely this will be your go-to beach and it will not disappoint, the beach itself is almost half a kilometre long and covered in perfect smooth fine sand along with the beach bed hire one of our partners provides all the beach watersports you could ever wish including jet ski hire, banana boat rides, waterskiing, parasailing and even the incredible flyboarding experience.

Now if watersports aren't your thing don't worry Oura beach or Praia da Oura in Portuguese, have all the other bases covered, where the town meets the beach you will find a long line of beach bars, restaurants, shops and cafes where you can sip cocktails, down a few pints and catch a football match on a widescreen tv all within touching distance of the sun, sea and sand.

If you're on more of a sedate trip to Albufeira the beach is actually split in two by a large rocky outcrop that makes our coastline famous throughout the world, when the tide is low, you can check the Albufeira tides here, you can walk around the rocks and there you will find Oura Beach East or Praia da Oura Leste. The eastern section of the beach is again almost 500 metres long and is dotted with beach bars and sunbeds and makes for a perfect early morning or sunset walk

Town: Albufeira
Region: Algarve
Country: Portugal
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