Long Cruise Upstream

Long Cruise to Regua on the Douro River

Take a day to contemplate the unforgettable landscapes of the Douro Valley aboard a “Rabelo” boat. Our boats are equipped to provide a pleasant and comfortable journey until arrival at the destination. The reverse route is by train, in an amazing trip that allows to contemplate the Douro in a different perspective. The meals served during the trip are made on board to ensure the highest quality and taste to customers, accompanied by experienced staff who receive them with the highest professionalism and friendliness.

8h30 Gathering near the quay of Douro Acima (Ribeira Square), 8h45 Boarding of passengers, 9h00 Start of the cruise towards Pinhão Pequenoalmoço a bordo,  Breakfast on board, 10h20 Ascending of the CrestumaLever dam Eclusagem Lock (14 meters drop), Lunch on board, 13h20 Ascending of the Carrapatelo dam Eclusagem Lock (35 meters drop), 16h00 Boarding at Régua quay, 17h00 Travelling to Pinhão, 17h30 Ascending to the Bagaúste dam Eclusagem Lock (27 meters drop) Snack service on board, 19h30 Expected time to arrive at Pinhão, 20h06 Return to Porto by train or bus (timetable can be change), 23h20 Expected time to arrive at Porto

Duration: 10 hrs
Transfer Inc: No
Distance: 0 kms from centre
Days: Any Day

Price: €110.00per ticket

Destination: Porto city centre, Porto, Portugal
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