Slide & Splash

Slide & Splash

One of the best and biggest waterparks on the Algarve.

Opened in the 10th of June 1986, Slide & Splash with an area of 7 Acres, is considered the biggest one in Portugal, and one of the biggest in Europe. The park has a gigantic area of grass, of 4 Acres. Here its assured to the visitor to have the best time possible, always with the maximum safety, hygiene and comfort possible, according to the decree of law n.5/97 that regulates the water parks activity in Portugal. 1986 Snail Big slides Jacuzzi Banzai 1987 Former swimming pool Children swimming pool Tumble   1988 Kamikaze 1993 Soft Slopes 1994 Soft Slopes For Children   1996 Kamikaze Renewal 1997 Black Hole 1998 Rapid river Turbulent river 2001 Blue Hole Increase childrens zone New Swimming pool 2006 Jacuzzi renewal 2011 Tornado 2012 Spectacles, new spaces and services 2013 New space – Pizzaria 2014 Tropical Paradise – New – Children area 2015 New space – Restaurante Rio  

Duration: 0 hrs
Transfer Inc: No
Distance: 35 kms from centre
Days: Any Day

Price: €35.00per ticket

Destination: Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal
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