Jeep Safari

Mud, fun and crazy ride

Jeep Safaris are a great way to explore the Algarve. Join them on one of their jeep safaris through beautiful countryside, stop for a traditional lunch and, weather permitting (which it normally does!) take a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters of an Algarve river.

Jeep Safaris offer a unique insight to the Algarve and introduce you to some of the hidden gems of the region. Taste some locally made Medronho or Almond liqueur direct from the producer; see the local craftsmen/women weaving baskets as they have done for generations; find out about the cork oaks and maybe see bee keepers at work to produce the honey that the Algarve is renowned for.

Duration: 3 hrs
Transfer Inc: Yes
Distance: 5 kms from centre
Days: Any Day

Price: €75.00per ticket

Destination: Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal
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