<p>In Porto we pub crawl!!!&nbsp;Do you have the balls??</p>

Porto city centre, Porto

Porto Bar Crawls

The Porto Pub Crawl in Porto starts around 9:30 pm, including ...

<p>A unique look at the narrow and historic streets of downtown Porto, on board the fun Tuk Tuks that have traveled to Porto to delight those who want to get to know the city.</p>

Porto city centre, Porto

Tuk Tuk Tour

Between the light gaps and the granite gray of the streets, from the riv...

<p>There are six magnificent bridges that join the two banks of the Douro River. Have fun on the Six Bridges Cruise and get to know them Lu&iacute;s I, Infante, Dona Maria, S. Jo&atilde;o, Arr&aacute;bida and Freixo from the oldest to the most modern.&nbsp; Duration 1 hour 30 mins</p>

Porto city centre, Porto

Six Bridges Cruise

Enjoy the trip and observe the main points of interest that the view all...

<p>Along the Douro river romantic Porto pops up as the cable car rises up to Jardim do Morro. Passengers can enjoy narrow lanes and staircases zigzagging to nowhere as well as Gaias rustic red roofs of the emblematic wine cellars. &nbsp;</p>

Porto city centre, Porto

Cable Car

In one side of Douro River there is, UNESCO world heritage, historic cen...

<p>If you are looking to have a good time with your best friends, then we have the plan you are looking for !! A&nbsp;Beer Bike in Porto&nbsp;with&nbsp;free beer, sangria or refreshments!</p>

Porto city centre, Porto

Beer Bike

Surprise the groom at his stag party in Porto with a Beer bike!

<p>The indoor all weather go kart track in Matosinhos is the perfect place to get your blood pumping.&nbsp; Our superb 330m track is well known for its speed and adrenalin, with corners and a long straight this allows many overtaking opportunities. Your bravery will reward you when you become the winner.</p>

Porto city centre, Porto

Indoor Go Karting

Our Karts are 200cc with 4 stroke engines!  Our full time mechanic...

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